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EmployerSPR Consulting Inc RoleArchitect
ClientConfidentialDurationJan 2017 - Present
ProjectManage myBusiness 2.0
Manage myBusiness is a web tool used across organization to keep an eye on various metrics. It allows you to keep on track with your organizational goals. There are hundreds of metrics example sales & revenue.
Tools/Technologies: -
Angular4, AWS (S3, Data Pipeline, Lambda, EC2, DynamoDB, ElasticCache (Redis), CloudFront), Concourse, Design Patterns, ElasticSearch, Gradle, Java 1.8, JPA (Java Persistance API), POJO, Postman, Python, Redux, REST, SOAP, Spring Framework SQL Server 2012, Tomcat, Test Driven Development (TDD).
Key Results Achieved: -

  • Responsible for requirement analysis and high-level design for new and existing system/sub-systems. 

  • Perform application development activities (coding, reviewing) using Java Spring Boot, Angular4, DynamoDB, REST, Redis. 

  • Design new and refactor existing services to be built on modern micro services pattern and best practices. 

  • Architect complex system and sub-systems of MMB2 and its dependency on other applications. 

  • Design and manage RESTful Java back-end services. 

  • Help identify, engage, and manage external implementation partners. 

  • Perform bug fixes/chores as per their priority for production releases. 

  • Performance (Load and Stress) testing and eliminating performance bottlenecks. 

  • Build/Maintain CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) Pipelines using Concourse. 

  • Build and Maintain environments as needed. Currently running three environments Development, Demo (Test) and Production. 

  • Perform production release activities. 

  • Perform proof of concept (POC) as per business/application needs. 

  • Participate in one week development iterations (Agile Scrum) 

  • Participate in Iteration Planning and Retro. 

  • Practice and evangelize Test Driven Development in team. 

  • Practice and evangelize Pair programming (XP Extreme Programming) in team. 

  • Mentoring and on boarding of new/junior team members. 

  • Trainings, Walkthroughs of application, code structure, TDD, Pair Programming and business. 

  • Work closely with IT functions (Infrastructure, DevOps, Program Management, QA) 

  • Coordinate and resolve technical issues in consumption of Pivotal Cloud Foundry services in the application.

EmployerSPR Consulting Inc RoleArchitect/Lead
ClientFort Dearborn, Elk Grove, ILDurationMar 2016 – Sep 2016
Its a phase wise introduction of a SPA within an existing JSP application. This web application is used for various aspects of label printing life cycle. The challenge was to introduce and SPA and slowly phase out existing features running on JSP web application. There was a seamless flow created between SPA and existing JSP application.
Tools/Technologies: -
AngularJS, Design Patterns, Git, Gradle, Hibernate, Intellij, Java 1.8, JPA (Java Persistance API), JDBC, JTA, POJO, Postman, SQL Server 2012, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Tomcat, T-SQL, Test Driven Development (TDD).
Key Results Achieved: -

  • Performed Inception for first three days figuring out phase-1 epics, user stories, product backlog, sprint timeline, initial wireframes.

  • Responsible for designing and implementing development and test infrastructure

  • Worked on POCs for AD, LDAP, Security integration with existing infrastructure 

  • Led efforts on security components for the application. Custom integration between SPA and existing security framework. 

  • Led efforts to have a single application presentation by handling complex synchronization and seamless integration between JSP and SPA (Angular) application. 

  • Surgical removal of old features and inclusion of phase-1 features through new SPA app.

  • Led efforts to build a RESTful service that integrated with 12-year-old Servlet, EJB backend.

  • Perform code review and provide feedbacks.