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Bhawesh Kumar

Hello friends, My name is Bhawesh Kumar. I was born and raised in India also known as Bharat (भारत), Aryavrat (आर्याव्रत), Hindustan (हिन्दुस्तान).

I have been in the IT industry since the year 1998. My career started as a network and computer hardware engineer. I stepped into the software world in the year 2000 with Microsoft technologies.

As a software professional majority of my career went into practicing Microsoft Technologies (12+ years) as a sole technology stack. I received an opportunity to step into the open source world in the year 2012.

It was a welcome challenge and it has been an awesome journey since then. After working with Microsoft and Open source technologies, I feel blessed to be aware of both sides of the coin.

I wear many hats and have served as a Software Architect, Solution Designer, Project Manager, Project Lead, Consultant, and Software Engineer depending on the project needs.

I have worked for many big and small projects for companies/clients including McAfee (Intel) India, Cognizant USA, Perot Systems (Dell) India, Fiserv India/US, Sumitomo Wiring Systems Japan, Sumitomo Wiring Systems Europe, Nucleus Software India, Polaris Software Labs Japan, MothersonSumi Infotech and Designs India, Pacific Golf Management Japan, Symantec USA, Accenture USA, Nielsen USA, Tenneco USA, AIM USA, Fort Dearborn USA, MavenWave USA.

Tools and Technologies: ADO, ADO .NET, Agile Scrum, AJAX, Android Studio, Architectural Patterns, ASP 3 0, ASP NET, ASP.NET MVC, Bugzilla, C#, COM, Crystal Reports, CSS, Data Driven Tests, Data Modeling, Design Patterns, DOJO, DOJOX, DOS, Dreamweaver, DTS, Eclipse, Elastic Search, Entity Framework, ExtJs, Fiddler, FrontPage, FxCop, GIT, Hibernate, Hibernate Envers, HTML, HTML5, iBatis Net, IBM MQ (Ubiquitous Messaging), IIS, Java EE, Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Script, Java Web Services JAX-WS with AXIS2 & CXF, JAXB, JQuery, JUnit, LINQ, MDX, Message Driven Bean (MDB), Microsoft Fakes, Microsoft Unit Testing Framework, MS Access, MS OLAP, MS Project, MSMQ, MySQL, .NET Framework, nHibernate, OOD, OOP, Oracle 8 0/8i/10G, PerfMon, PL/SQL, POCO, POJO, Rally, RAZOR, Redis, REST, SOA, SOAP, SOAP Extensions, Spring Framework, Spring Tool Suite, SQL debugger, SQL Profiler, SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Server, SSIS, SVN, T-SQL, Team Foundation Server, Telerik, Test Driven Development (TDD), TFS build, Toad, Tomcat, UML, Unity Framework, UNIX, VB Script, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Interdev, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio, WCF, Web Tests, Windows, WSDL, XMind, XML, XML Web Services, XSD, XSL, XSLT.

I am a foodie and a movie enthusiast.