Sharing experience

My experience in Open source technologies and Microsoft world has been a very learned one. I was blessed enough to get challenges and find resolutions to them. This website is an effort to share experiences from this journey.

I will share my experiences in form of code samples in Microsoft and Open source technologies stack, Analysis & Design documentation and tips/tricks of the trade.



The below given image is an example output of brainstorming session on Software Licensing model. This session was focused on getting attributes that strikes your brain when you think about software licensing. What things can be done to have a better software licensing in place is a wider topic but this is just an attempt to start in that direction.

It has focus on attributes that includes software licensing implementation including hardware and/or software. The brainstorming tool used in this session was XMIND. The software licensing model image below is a screenshot of XMIND mind mapping document.

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Points after a brain storming session on software license modeling